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Sales Training


Pharmaceutical Training Meeting required a digital performance measurement tool for a co-promote drug launch.

The Scenario

Certify sales force for knowledge and compliance and digitally evaluate them in a Training Village sales scenario.

The Work

The tool had to work across multiple device platforms and off-line. It would need to navigate two corporate hierarchies, as well as two company databases and two guidelines for reporting.

The Catch

To Certify the Sales Force, we had to first certify the management team, and then certify and evaluate the sales force at the product launch.


The Product

We successfully delivered at both the Manager’s Meeting and the Product Launch for all participants! The use of interactive technology not only created excitement among the participants, but also allowed us to capture data that could be used to narrow down key elements of focus in future training programs. The simple user interface available among several devices made it easy for participants to simulate a real world sales scenario as they move to a mobile detailing platform. All that and management had the reporting results before they went to sleep that night!


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