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Music Video Production


To say that we were excited when International recording artist GOLDSPOT contacted us to produce the music video for “Ina Mina Dika” featured in the film “Today’s Special”, would be an understatement!

The Scenario
Secure multiple indoor and outdoor locations, cast multiple roles, incorporate “Bollywood” creative and American Indie film concepts that intertwine the artist creative influence…YOU HAVE TWO WEEKS TO COMPLETE THIS MISSION!!!


The Work
We quickly nailed down a creative concept, scouted over 40 locations, and booked the talent! We had a narrow window to shoot with London based Director, Nick Collette, and somehow managed to fit in 3 FULL days with Goldspot lead singer Sid Khosla, dancer- Payal Kadakia, and a full day with actor Aasif Mandvi, who was also in the middle of promoting his film Today’s Special. Scheduling was down to the half minute in some stages as we were literally racing against time! Everyone had to be efficient or else there would be no video!

The Product
It was an amazing, exhausting experience, and we nailed it! Working with talent who were all so gracious, and hilarious was amazing… the bowling alley scenes and all the interesting characters we encountered, to standing ridiculously close to an oncoming train while Payal danced her heart out, putting on one hell of a show for the daily commuters! We can’t wait to work with Goldspot again:-)

Watch the video here:


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