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Digital Systems Study


Perform a digital systems study analysis for a logistics app in the trucking industry.


The Scenario
Our client was seeking venture capital for a logistics app they were in the process ofdeveloping, and needed a third party analysis of the existing development work that included an estimate for the time frame, cost and potential team needs to complete the project. etc…


The Work
The team had firstreview the existing architecture and any relevant development documents as well as start a dialogue with the existing development team. The app would need to perform multiple complex tasks, as well as interface with the company’s multiple databases, as well as communicate daily, and some times hourly requirements for reporting on the back-end.


The Catch
The continued development delays, and some unexpected scopeexpansion, had the owners doubting the current teams ability to deliver a final product.


The Product
We delivered our report with overall suggestions within the time frame and under budget. The analysis was used as part of the client’s pitch for funding, and we helped restore the confidence of the client with the existing development team. The project is currently in development and will be used as an internal resource that will help our clients continue to become a leader in logistics!

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